Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Ozarks and Time

Hello Friends!

   It appears that the Ozarks can no longer tell time. Whilst riding in the back of the boo boo bus (we have a new guy today), I saw the sign outside of a sketchy looking bar saying “come celebrate the new year with us this Friday.”  I thought to myself, maybe it’s the Chinese New Year- Google revealed that nope, that’s done and gone. So either Sign Guy is drunk (likely), or I’m very confused and should probably be checked for a stroke (slightly less likely, but absolutely possible). 

  It’s rainy today, and I’m sure my hair is getting larger by the minute. How is weather where you are? Please tell me youns have been having a more exciting than myself! 

*Accurate representation of me today*

  Happy Stitching!


1 comment:

Robin in Virginia said...

Hi Emmy! Good to see your new post this morning! Thank you for the chuckle with the picture. That is how I feel after my treadmill walk. LOL Keeping busy -- the usual chores, reading and stitching.